Expert Advice: Tips for Buying Vintage Watches

by Michael Mondelli on Jul 17, 2021

Expert Advice: Tips for Buying Vintage Watches

Vintage watch buying is unquestionably enjoying unbelievable popularity, thanks to a community of savvy vintage watch collectors, great internet sources for learning about & buying pre-owned vintage watches.

On the other hand, watch buyers now are spoiled for choice, having too many variations of the same model & diverse functions available to them. For others, this can simply be overwhelming. Still, it offers a new challenge for serious watch collectors: to hunt down the old, rare piece that not many people have.

Believe us, the market can be a minefield for the inexperienced vintage watch buyer. However, education is still your best tool in making your vintage watch purchase memorable and fruitful.  

Since Time Source Jewelers has spent so much time & care selling the best vintage watches & repairing the watches buyers found other places, we want to share some expert tips for those urgent buyers who are looking for the best vintage timepiece to wear on their wrists.

Educate Yourself

The vintage watch market is rife with fakes, so-called “frankenwatches,” & unscrupulous sellers. Do your homework. Talk to collectors, join web forums, ask questions; learn about the watches you’re interested in.

Make sure to do your homework & learn about the watch you want to buy. You should only pull the trigger on a vintage timepiece when you have become an expert on a brand or specific watch model.

Compare Prices

Ah, price… for some people, the most significant part. But, unfortunately, prices sometimes differ widely for some of the same watches or similar models. Therefore, one must compare the watch you want to others like it by checking online watch-market platforms or offers at watch shops.

What matters is that what you’re paying isn’t too far from the market price, & it’s a price you’re happy to pay.

Contact the Manufacturer

Most of the watch manufacturers have a perfect archive of the watch models they have created in the past. Some can even obtain complete information on the timepiece, such as the number of pieces produced & their destination countries.

But this process may take some time & cost a bit of money. So be patient – many collectors reach out to them & they deal with similar requests every day.

Do Not Settle

If you prefer features or materials, don’t let a seller talk you into taking something else off their hands. This vintage watch purchase is an investment, so invest wisely. This particular sale is not intended to serve the dealer.

It has to serve you because you are the one living with this decision & spending the money. So get precisely what you want and nothing less.

Service & Repair Matters

The timepiece should be in the best form when you purchase it, but you will be required to consider what it really takes to keep the watch that way. The right vintage watch must last you a lifetime if maintained carefully.

So instead, find a watch seller who knows how to service & repair your timepiece for as long as you need.

At Time Source Jewelers, we have a lot of experience & a great passion for selling pre-owned vintage watches. With years of experience serving New York with clock & watch repair, we have helped countless watch buyers. 

Vintage watch buyers are looking for something unique. We take our reputation as the premier location for watch sales and watch service seriously.