Vintage Timepieces

Pre-Owned Vintage Timepieces

Whether it is cars, furniture, or timepieces, vintage stuff is & has always been in vogue. Talking about Vintage Watches, of course, this group of watches has enjoyed widespread popularity for a while now. Watch enthusiasts around the globe are on the quest for rare, decades-old watches. At Time Source Jewelers, we try to offer our customers a broad range of different Vintage Watches covering all decades with uncountable models on stock. These mindfully chosen watches are meant to last really long, whether it is a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date or a Rolex Submariner No Date Black Dial or anything just a bit different, leaving the lasting impact we admire so much. A Piece of Watch History Vintage watches appeal to a broad audience. They propose the opportunity to purchase high-quality, vintage watches at winning prices. Both timepiece enthusiasts who love unique designs & watch collectors of valuable, rare articles will get their money's worth. We are specialized in restoring & selling vintage timepieces, in particular Rolex models. Vintage Watches are timeless & exciting, whether you are purchasing your very first watch or adding another timepiece to an already mighty collection. While being on your wrist, these watches witness the very vital moments & successes of your life. Vintage Watches at TSJ NY are not just a long-term investment but also an emotional decision for a lifetime. So we hope you appreciate looking through our vast collection of vintage watches as much as we do.