All About Buying Pre-Owned Watches

by Michael Mondelli on Jul 30, 2021

All About Buying Pre-Owned Watches

Pre-owned timepieces are intriguing, thankfulness to their extraordinary history. Apparently, you can unearth treasures amongst vintage watches whose worth has only risen over time. Moreover, pre-owned watch models are often significantly less pricey than their new counterparts. 

Buying pre-owned watches is a trend that is continuously catching up with the US luxury vintage watch market. Still, since luxury goods are such a niche, the whole process of buying can be pretty precarious. This article gives you a complete breakdown of the transactional process & the greatness of dealing with the right company to make the right deal.

Whether you are an experienced & passionate pre-owned watch collector or have just started as an enthusiast, the realm of horology will forever excite you. So, if you are really on the lookout for exploring & adding some more pre-owned watches to your vintage watch collection, here we furnish you with a few tips to guide you along the way!

Dig Deep into it's service history

This is not significant if the watch is just one or two years old. Still always asks about the watch's service history & the invoice. Since servicing a pre-owned vintage watch will cost you somewhat high these days & thus chances are minimal that the seller discarded this vital document. If no receipt exists, consider that the timepiece has not had a service overhaul. 

Calculate the value of paying for this service yourself, add it to the vintage watch's price & decide whether it is still worth going forward. Ask for the standard service care charge at an authorized dealer, or discuss with your local watchmaker. Also, ask whether he (or she) can servicing the watch you are about to purchase.

  • Know your taste, budget & do proper market research

Study the figures & trends in the secondary market to guarantee the value of your collection. A secondary market presents you access to the watches via auction houses, second-hand watch stores, online retailers, &, thanks to social media, directly from collectors. For instance, certain brands particularly pique the interest of collectors --the two most dominant ones being Rolex & Patek Philippe. As a result, their market values are always on the rise & the auction houses reflect these trends through their sales. 

The most favored watches by collectors at the moment are vintage watches either from the high-end watchmakers like Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Breguet & AP or the chronograph tool watch group, which consists of some iconic models in steel from several brands such as TAG Heuer, Omega, Universal Geneva & others.

  • Beware of counterparts

It's not a warning you need to concern yourself with when buying a second-hand watch at Time Source Jewelers. Before a pre-owned watch is made available for purchase, the highly skilled staff at Time Source Jewelers – mostly seasoned in working with Swiss watches – check minute details, such as whether or not all original components have been restored with a counterfeit part?

  • Attention to details

Time Source Jewelers wants to make sure you know your watch before making the significant investment. Every timepiece has its specs mentioned next to the visuals. This includes a brief overview of the brand or collection & details of the size, features, materials, etc. A 'more intimate look' section explains the status of the watch in depth.

Last but not the least: Why should you prefer us to find a perfect Pre-Owned Watch?

Time Source Jewelers is definitely the world's best platform for preowned watches. Time Source Jewelers also owns a brick-and-mortar shop, in New York Ave Huntington Village, as an extension to their online offerings, which means that you can visit the shop & see in person the watch you've seen online. It is always advised that you see a pre-owned timepiece with your own eyes & fiddle around with it a bit, rather than buying it online without the possibility to do a little inspection.

Last but not least, always inquire about the warranty part. There might still be a factory warranty left in the case of a young, pre-owned vintage watch. On the other hand, if you buy the watch from a professional watch seller like us, a 6-to-12-month warranty is standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a warranty for certified pre-owned watches?

The kind of refurbishing that the pre-owned luxury watches of brands like Audemars Piguet and many others are given at Time Source Jewelers, followed by the quality checks we conduct, are confident of their performance. Hence, we are more than happy to cover a warranty of 2 years for any pre-owned watch bought from us.

How do I buy a watch from you?

If you're interested in any pre-owned timepiece that you view in our catalog, feel free to contact us & any of our experts will very quickly get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can visit our 'contact us page for information & reach out to our client servicing team.

How do I pay for a watch?

We offer multiple payment options to choose from: credit card, debit card, net banking, or direct online transfer. For further details on how you can pay, please feel free to contact our client servicing team, who will be happy to assist you.

How do I learn that the pre-owned watch I purchase from you is genuine?

Each pre-owned timepiece we collect is analyzed by the discerning eyes of expert watchmakers for authenticity. Any dubious watches are reverted to the seller. At the same time, only & only genuine products are added to the Pre Owned Timepiece catalog. Hence, you can rest assured that any purchased product from Pre Owned Timepiece is 100% authentic.

What is the Return Policy?

If you are not fully satisfied with the timepiece you have bought, please inform us of this issue on the same day of receiving the product & courier it within three days.