Listed below are the details for the repair/ service of your timepiece.

These services are necessary to restore the function of your watch to factory specifications. Complete Maintenance of Movement, including a one-year service warranty.

  • Remove Bracelet/Strap from the Case

  • Open Case and remove Movement

  • Complete disassembly of movement including dial and hands

  • 3 Stage cleaning process of movement parts

  • Re-assemble, adjustment and Lubrication of movement parts

  • Re-calibration of the movement

  • Install dial and hands

  • Install movement into the case

  • Replace all gaskets

  • Restoration of water resistance

  • Reattach bracelet/Strap and adjust clasp

  • Demagnetizing of completed watch

  • Setting of Correct time

  • Monitor, regulate and review of watch to ensure that watch is functioning to factory specifications.

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