5 Blunders You Might Make While Shopping For An Engagement Ring

by Michael Mondelli on Sep 17, 2021

5 Blunders You Might Make While Shopping For An Engagement Ring

Most buyers do not like stuffy jewelry stores. These sorts of jewelry stores tend to be somewhat imposing & sometimes are even a little intimidating, which is absolutely not the way most of the buyers want to feel when making a significant purchase like an engagement ring.

Still, even under the most casual & relaxed settings, it is pretty tough not to get confused by all the options. While any jeweler worth their loupe will help lead you through the whole purchasing process, missteps are likely to happen.

We at Time Source Jewelers have compiled some of the most common slips we see customers make & our best tips on avoiding them.

You Have No Idea What to Get

We at Time Source Jewelers do not expect any customer to visit our website or come into our store & already have the engagement rings 4C’s down pat. However, one of the jeweler’s most important responsibilities is to educate their shoppers & it is something our staff takes great pride in.

With that said, it really helps if you look at a collection of rings either online or in magazines beforehand, just to get a view or vague idea of which sizes & shades you like.

If you are purchasing an engagement ring without your partner’s knowledge, come loaded with a few but important pieces of information: her finger size, her sense of fashion & the most important one, her taste in jewelry.

There are many ways of knowing her preference for an engagement ring. You can consider asking her closest ones. They can surely help you with this. Still uncertain? Simply choose the stone & place it in a temporary mounting. Once you propose to her & if she accepts she can come afterward & design the ring of her dreams as per her taste.

Finally, decide what’s most mattering to you & your partner & mention that stuff very clearly to your jeweler. Whether you want the rarest stone, an absolutely unusual setting or a conflict-free diamond, these guidelines will ease our experts narrow down the options & keep you away from feeling confused.

You Didn’t Consider the Wedding Band in Your Design

engagement ring

Sometimes, it’s natural to forget about the TSJ NY wedding band in the thrill of gifting an engagement ring & it's a big mistake. Depending on the form, some combos of the engagement-wedding ring are impossible to pull off.

For instance, your partner may want a straight wedding band to wear solely sometimes in the future, but her engagement ring wants a contoured band. So early on, thinking about a good wedding band will surely save you lots of headaches & possibly even money down the line.

You Didn’t Buy a GIA-Certified Diamond

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is a non-profit gem research institute famously known for its highly detailed & most accurate grading of diamonds.

GIA has the strictest measures in the industry, so when you purchase a GIA-certified stone from Time Source Jewelers, be assured you are getting the full scoop on its cut, carat, color & clarity from a trusted source.

You Didn’t Give Yourself Enough Time.

A customized TSJ NY engagement ring normally takes anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks in the making, so keep this period in mind while you are planning out your proposal.

You Overshot Your Budget

There is a minimal risk that you could go home with your engagement ring & that would be more disturbing if the ring is too expensive. But at TSJ NY, we have a solution for every problem. We have rings that match every budget & hence we never let our customers feel disappointed.

So forget about the old three months salary rule & be realistic with yourself about how much you can manage to spend & can happily bear it if she says no.

Be sure to tell us that figure to find exactly what you want within the price you are ready to pay. It will save you money & your precious time.

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